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Attention friends and food-lovers, I have a fun announcement (as fun as I tend to get)—I’m releasing my first COOKBOOK called “A Place at the Table.” And I’d love for YOU to join the Launch Team! (Details at the bottom of this post!)

Why a cookbook? I’m SO glad you asked. For any of you who have read my books or studies you know I love cooking and community. Food and people are my favorites, hands down. I savor relationships and meaningful conversations around the table. I love to belong and for others to belong. I appreciate a vegetable in its season, a fresh cut of meat, and a homemade dessert. I also want to connect with those who might not be ready to study a book of the Bible say, like, Nehemiah, but who could get all in on making an apple butternut squash bisque with me. Mostly, I want to share with you 90 of my favorite recipes that my dear friend and chef Regina Costa Pinto and I have been creating, personal stories and spiritual encouragement from my own life, as well as gardening and cooking tips and tricks. But more on all this in the coming days…

In the meantime, and to get this party started, if you’d like to be part of the A Place at the Table Launch Team, just fill out the Google Form (link found at the bottom of this post), try the recipes and post about them on social media, review the cookbook on Amazon, Goodreads, and other websites, and engage in the Launch Team Facebook community. Cooking prizes, downloadable recipes, and a fun community will be waiting for you. And Regina Pinto and I can’t wait to interact with you through the FB community.

Bon appetit, friends! Let’s get cooking!

Google Form

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