The best recipes are timeless.

My mother and grandmother could work magic in the kitchen. They cooked with so much love that even now their recipes bring back the sweetest memories of our time together. And isn’t that what makes life beautiful? Sometimes it’s the simple things that leave the greatest legacy.

Regina Pinto

A self-taught chef from Brazil, Regina has traveled through the US and UK, merging flavors of her childhood with each new destination. She is a chocolatier and pastry chef, and the former owner of the Blushing Berry in Tennessee, where she created truffles and desserts for some of Nashville’s most famous brands.

Feed Your Soul

Good food is always comfort food. It’s a hot bowl of Chicken and Rice Soup when you can hardly drag yourself out of bed. A three layer Strawberry Cake that’s a must-have at any birthday party. A Christmas Eve Prime Rib in the company of family and friends. Love, laughter and the meals that make them memorable.

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